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The Process

  How to order a Custom Car Cover?

  I can't find a cover for my vehicle?

The Product

  What is the material?

  Should I clean my car before covering?

  Can the covers be cleaned?

  Can the covers be ironed?

  Outdoor use?

  Custom Car Cover Features?


  How are the logos applied?

  Logo size?

  Logo colour variations

  Can you embroider logos?

  Custom Logos


Rear Spoiler/Wing - Antenna/Aerial

  What if my car has a rear spoiler/wing?

  What if my car has an aftermarket front bumper/lower lip?

  What about an aerial / antenna?

  Roof Racks?


  How long is production and shipping?

  How are the covers shipped?

Returns & Refunds


R35 gtr profile covered front and rer reveal